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How to Create the Ultimate Spa Retreat in Your Bathroom

June 3, 2016

No matter the size or design of your bathroom, you can truly make it a spa retreat with the right accessories. And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

What exactly makes a retreat a retreat? It’s a place where you can relax and feel completely at ease. What better place to have a retreat than in your own home? That way you can experience it every day. Sounds pretty good to us.

So what items would one need to build their own spa? Well, it’s simple really.

Candles – Of course. This is number one. A retreat must have glowing candles, preferably ones that have some sort of amazing scent that will calm and sedate you while you’re soaking in the tub.

Bath Salt Soak – These are easy to make or of course you can buy your own. Ease sore muscles with Epsom salts or just relax. This is a spa essential. Speaking of that…

Essential Oils – Lavender perhaps? Eucalyptus? Whatever your preference, drop your favorite scents into a diffuser or your bath and just chill.

Fresh Flowers – Ah, there’s nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers! Trader Joe’s is one of the best places to get super pretty flowers on the cheap.

Comfy Robe – It’s not a spa retreat without a super comfy soft robe to slip into after your soak in the tub. A must.

Fluffy Rug – This is also a must. You can’t let your feet touch the cold floor, heavens no.

Hot Tea – The final key to perfecting your home spa retreat is some steaming herbal tea to sip on before, during and after your soak in the tub. To make it extra special, add some almond milk and honey…so yummy!

Imagine coming home to this after a long day of work…a spa retreat at home makes life so much better.

Love these ideas!! Super simple and easy, and best of all, cheap!!


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