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Cinco De Mayo Dinner Party Ideas

Cinco De Mayo Dinner Party Ideas

While everyone else is out at the bars for Cinco De Mayo, why not have a top-notch elegant dinner party to celebrate this well-loved holiday? With so many cute Cinco De Mayo themed decorations and recipes, you can easily whip up a fiesta your guests won’t forget. And don’t worry, they won’t be missing out on the cocktails, just the bar crowds!

Cinco De Mayo Dinner Party Ideas

Decor – Not sure where to go for fiesta-themed decor? Etsy is your best bet for one of a kind types of decorations you might not be able to find in stores.


Cactus Plates


Taco Bout A Party™ Glitter Banner


Mexican Burrito Piñata 


Fiesta UNO Cupcake Toppers


Dish Ideas – Small bites are ideal for a Cinco De Mayo themed dinner party so that guests don’t feel tied down to a fancy meal. Instead, these dishes create the perfect fiesta atmosphere, encouraging mingling while nibbling!

Vegetarian Street Pan Nachos – Easy peasy nachos with no shortage of flavor.

Shrimp Guacamole Bites – Tiny bits of goodness, perfect for appetizers!

Mexican Street Corn (Elotes) Yummy Mexican-style corn on the cob!

Coconut Fish Tacos – No one has the willpower to say no to coconut fish tacos.


Drinks – You can’t have a fiesta without some party drinks and these Mexican-themed cocktails are the perfect icebreakers.

Mexican Sunset – Impress your guests with this gorgeous pink and orange sunset inspired cocktail.

Easy Beergaritas – This yummy cocktail is the perfect excuse to combine limeade and beer together.

Pink Señorita Cocktails – Sweet and pink tequila cocktail with a dash of mint, yum.

Dessert – End the party with some tasty treats reminiscent of Mexico.

Margarita Bars – Love margaritas and sweets? Then you’ll definitely want to try these buttery sweet lime treats.

Cactus Cookies – The cutest cactus cookies ever.

Mexican Brownies – Spicy chocolate goodies to devour.


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