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Celebrating Nurses on National Nurses Day

On May 6th we celebrate National Nurses Day! We so appreciate our nurses and everything they’re doing on the front lines during this pandemic. Here at Fairfield Residential we will be doing a clap out nationwide at all of our properties for two minutes on May 6th to show our thanks and appreciation for healthcare workers.

Celebrating Nurses on National Nurse Day
Photo by HH E via Unsplash.

Clap outs are being done world wide to honor all the bravery and hard work our nurses are doing in the wake of this pandemic. All across Europe such as in Spain and Italy, people gathered on their balconies at 10pm to clap for healthcare workers. Celebrities like the Beckhams among many others are clapping to give thanks to healthcare workers via social media. Also inspiring are the clap outs that nurses and healthcare workers are giving discharged Covid-19 patients when they are released.

Anyone around the world can join in for a clap out. In fact, join us May 6th at 6pm to honor nurses and healthcare workers everywhere. You can clap out from home and even post it on social media to inspire others!

Share your experience with us by hashtagging #FFClapForACause on your social media accounts!

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