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3 Easy Ways to Bring Spring into Your Apartment Home

3 Easy Ways to Bring Spring into Your Apartment Home

Ready for spring? Spring brings with it feelings of energy and renewal. But sometimes after a long winter, our homes could use a little reminder that spring is right around the corner. Here are three easy, apartment-friendly ways to freshen up your home so that it, and you, are prepared and ready-to-go for spring.

Bring the outdoors in

Fresh-cut, store bought flowers can last 1-2 weeks in your home and also add pops of color to your décor. Instead of one big vase centered on the tabletop, opt for several miniature arrangements in small vases placed throughout your apartment home. Place them on counter tops, window sills, desks and vanity tops. This way, every place you look in your apartment home, you have a little reminder that spring is ahead.

Start your garden

You may not have your own garden plot (unless you live in one of our communities with gardens) but there are many apartment-friendly options to growing fresh produce right at home. Herbs such as basil, chives and micro greens do extremely well in small or shallow pots and can grow either on your kitchen counter top or on a confined space such as a balcony or patio.
For apartment dwelling gardening enthusiasts willing to make a bigger time and money investment, check out other apartment-friendly growing options such as an herb growing kit or Tower Garden. Over time, these investments not only pay for themselves, but also save you time and trips to the grocery store. They are convenient and fun.

Do a spring deep clean

Tear down the cobwebs, throw open the windows and let the fresh air in. Spring is the perfect time for a once over, deep clean in your apartment home. If you don’t have a professional cleaning service in your budget, check out the quick and affordable tips here or on our blog to get your apartment home sparkling in no time.

Remember, spring is right around the corner, so use these three easy tips to get a head start and bring spring into your apartment home by adding pops of color with miniature bouquets, get a start to your garden with apartment-friendly produce growing options and using our tips for a spring deep clean. We would love to hear your tips for bringing spring into your home. Share them with us on our social media sites!

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