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The Best Food Stations for Entertaining

The Best Food Stations for Entertaining

Hosting parties and events can be extremely overwhelming – especially when it comes to the food aspect!  Food stations are an easy and stress-free approach to serving food at your next get-together.  Letting people create their own meals is so much fun and is sure to please everyone!  All you have to do is prepare the separate ingredients, put them in bowls and lay them out on a table for everyone to pick and choose what they want – it’s that simple!  There are some really great food station options out there and we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most delicious and fun options!

  • Mac ‘n’ Cheese  It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with mac ‘n’ cheese!  You can even serve various flavors of mac ‘n’ cheese to mix it up a little and give people the opportunity to try new things!
  • Waffle  When it comes to breakfast foods, it’s pretty hard to say no if you ask me!  A waffle station sounds like absolute heaven.
  • Burrito Bowl  Who doesn’t love Mexican food?!  It doesn’t get any better than a table full of burrito bowl fix-ins.
  • Bloody Mary  For all those Bloody Mary lovers out there, this is a great option and allows your guests to dress up their drinks as much or as little as they would like!
  • Lemonade  A lemonade station would be so perfect for a grill-out!  I think the kiddos would especially love it.
  • Chili  If it’s a little nippy outside, chili would be the perfect food to serve at your get-together.  A warm bowl of steaming goodness – YUM!
  • Mashed Potato  Mashed potatoes loaded with sour cream, bacon bits and cheese?  I’d say that would be a real hit!  This blog used Martini glasses to serve the mashed potatoes – how cute!
  • Popcorn  Who knew there were so many different things you can put on popcorn?!  Popcorn is already so amazing, but having a huge array of seasonings and candy to put on top of it makes life just that much better!
  • French Fry  If I could live on french fries, I think I would!  What makes this food station option so incredible is the fact that there are so many toppings that go perfectly with french fries – endless amounts of deliciousness.

Best Food Stations for Entertaining

*Photo [above] courtesy of The Pioneer Woman

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