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BBQ Essentials for Summer

If you’re someone that gets more excited about doing the actual grilling than eating, then this post if for you. Tired of your old grilling set? There’s no time like the present to upgrade. Here are some ways to update your own grilling accessories or take advantage of what your apartment community offers.

BBQ Area– At Fairfield Residential, most of our communities offer BBQ areas so you don’t need to buy your own grill. Enjoy top of the line stainless steel grills at select communities, plus plenty of lounge seating for your guests. All you need to do is bring the food and your own accessory set.

Accessories – You’ll want to have your accessories ready to go at a moment’s notice during barbecue season. Come the weekend, when last minute plans are made you don’t want to be running out to the store for more than just food. To have your entire set on hand, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Long-handled utensils
  • Long-handled spatula
  • Tongs and fork
  • Cutting knives
  • Marinade brush
  • Chopping boards
  • Apron

Grill Necessities – Most grills these days are gas and you’ll need lighter fluid for those, and of course a lighter. If you have a charcoal grill, you’ll need to buy charcoal plus a chimney starter to speed up the process of heating up the coals, which could take up to 40 minutes to get to an optimal cooking temperature.

Spices, Marinades and Condiments – What’s a BBQ without an amazing marinade? Create your own or buy a pre-made marinade or rub. For condiments you’ll want to have ketchup, mustard or BBQ sauce on hand as a standard, depending on what you’re grilling up.

Cold Drinks and Appetizers – You’ll definitely want to have a cooler set to go with ice, non-alcoholic beverages and beer for guests once they arrive. The majority of the BBQ will be spent hanging out while the main dish is grilling so having some appetizers on hand is also a necessity. This is where you can have your guests chip in and bring coleslaw, potato salad, chips and salsa or other munchies to enjoy before the meal.

Guest Necessities – In addition to what you need to actually grill, you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for your guests. Have paper plates, eco-friendly or plastic utensils, and napkins on hand for easy clean up. As far as seating, luckily at Fairfield communities, you’ll find comfortable lounge spaces to accompany barbecue areas!


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