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Back to School Movies to Get Your Kids Excited for Fall

August 22, 2019

August is here which means the kids are headed back to school after a long sunny break. For some, back to school is exciting. Fall semester means new clothes, new gear and seeing all your friends every day. But if your kid is less than stoked to head back for a full day of classes, what can you do to pump them up? Movies always help! And with that said, here are the best back to school movies to pump your kids up for Fall.

Middle School to High School Teens

Footloose – Give your kids a taste of the 80’s with the original classic Footloose. Hopefully they’ll laugh at just how cheesy and equally great the 80’s were, see Sarah Jessica Parker as a teen, and love the dance scenes.

Clueless – This 90’s classic is sure make your teen excited for school. The outfits, the comedy and the Beverly Hills setting makes this a winner. Plus today’s teens love the 90’s.

Pretty in Pink – A tale of love between a girl who feels like an outsider and the cool kid is a classic story, one that any teen can relate to. 

Grease – What’s more fun than a 1950’s high school musical? There’s a reason this is still a classic 40 years later! The music is evergreen and don’t forget the dance numbers.

Napoleon Dynamite – Quirky kids rule in this high school movie classic with a cast of characters your teen will for sure find hilarious.

Mean Girls – A funny, but realistic take on being a girl in high school makes this classic movie completely relatable and entertaining.

Elementary School Kids

Harry Potter – You kids may not be heading back to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but at least they can imagine they are by watching the series this end of summer.

School of Rock – This Jack Black film is perfect to watch with your kids to get them pumped up and excited to learn new things at school and be passionate about their hobbies, whatever they may be!

ET – Not necessarily a “school” movie per se, but a classic film your kids will love none the less. Bonus points for taking place during the fall and making friendship the theme of the movie.

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