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Awesome Coffee For Breakfast Recipes

Awesome Coffee For Breakfast Recipes

If you’re a coffee lover, the good news is that nowadays coffee can be your breakfast in the morning thanks to some neat new recipes in the health world. The thought of just having coffee doesn’t sound too healthy, but if you do it the right way with healthy fats and adaptogens, plus no added cream or sugar, you may find yourself totally satisfied with just coffee until around lunchtime.

Where this concept started: You may have heard of the popular Bulletproof coffees originally started from the company Bulletproof. The idea behind the coffee is adding good fats plus adaptogens to create a balanced morning drink to keep you going until lunchtime. You may have also heard about folks putting butter in their coffee…yes, butter! That is also part of the bulletproof drink. So let’s break it down.

Benefits of the Bulletproof Coffee

Straight from Bulletproof, here are the benefits of creating your own version at home:

  • Bulletproof is famous for its signature Bulletproof Coffee — the mix of high-quality coffee beans with powerful fats increases focus banishes hunger and cravings, and burns fat.
  • A Bulletproof cup of joe has three core ingredients: coffee, Brain Octane Oil, and grass-fed butter.
  • Bulletproof uses a blend of coffee beans that don’t contain any mold toxins — these can be carcinogenic and impair your immune system.
  • You want to choose grass-fed butter over regular butter since cows that graze on grass produce milk that’s jam-packed with healthy fats and fat-soluble vitamins.
  • Brain Octane raises fat-burning, brain-boosting molecules in your system called ketones.
  • You can blend up just about any beverage with these powerhouse ingredients to get similar benefits. Try tea, matcha, hot chocolate, or turmeric for variety.

Healthy Facts

Butter in your coffee may at first sound very, very strange. But if you’re up for the challenge it can actually make your coffee taste pretty good, especially when you add in some stevia to sweeten it up.

But I thought butter was bad for you?

Much of this view will depend on your lifestyle and dietary preferences, but if you’re okay with using butter and want to try to make your own bulletproof coffee, stick with grass-fed butter. Here’s why according to Dave Asprey of Bulletproof:

“More importantly, when cows graze on grass, their milk is jam-packed with healthy fats and fat-soluble vitamins like vitamins A, K, and E — these nourish your skin, heart, brain, eyes, and more. It’s also rich in fatty acids including conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which burns fat and is anti-inflammatory, and butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that strengthens the gut and the brain.[10] Cows that eat grains don’t pack the same nutritional punch, and produce milk that’s lower in nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids.”

Dave Asprey also suggests adding Brain Octane Oil:

“Adding Brain Octane Oil to your coffee is where the real magic happens. Brain Octane raises fat-burning, brain-boosting molecules in your system called ketones. Your body then uses these ketones for energy rather than glucose from carbs. Burning ketones in place of glucose boosts weight loss and reduces inflammation. Note that your body won’t use ketones for fuel if you’re eating any sugar or carbs with your breakfast.”


The Bulletproof concept doesn’t go much into adaptogens, but these healing herbs are becoming more and more popular thanks to companies like SunPotion and Moon Juice. Adding these to your coffee in the morning are a great way to relieve stress, strengthen your immune system and even improve your skin.

Awesome Coffee For Breakfast Recipes

Photo by Devin Avery via Unsplash

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