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Apps for Goal Setting in 2019

The new year means you’re probably pumped to accomplish some goals. Maybe they’re new goals or perhaps they’re goals you just never seem to get to. If you easily forget your goals by mid January, you’re probably in need of something to remind you and help you keep track. Some folks still love to write in a good old fashioned notebook for goal setting. If you’re more technically inclined, there’s no shortage of apps to help you with keeping on top of your goals through the weeks, months and the entire year. Let’s check some of them out.

If you’re obsessed with tracking your daily habits, the app Way of Life is for you. This app helps to encourage you to participate in those healthier habits you may have forgotten about. It also helps you keep track of bad habits so you can see where your time is going.

If you have a busy workload and need an app to remind you what exactly you should be prioritizing, check out Toodledo. You can easily keep track of which tasks need to be done first with their prioritizing feature, then their Hotlist feature reminds you of what needs to be done.

If you want to track how long your goals are taking, ATracker will be your go to app. With just a tap you can track any activity and then can view reporting. Perfect for those that want to refine the time they’re spending doing certain projects.

If you have a hard time keeping your goals because you get bored easily, then Habitica makes things a bit more fun. This app treats your life like a video game. Yup, those boring mundane things we have to do everyday? Well, now you can earn rewards for doing them. However you can also get punished for not doing them! Might be just the motivation you need.

Apps for Goal Setting in 2019

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