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Apartment Essentials to Splurge On & Save

When you move into a new apartment you’ll be tempted with the opportunity to buy new decor, furniture and household items. Maybe for various reasons…perhaps your new furniture doesn’t fit quite as well into your new place, old items are worn out, or you need new cleaning supplies. But if you’re on a budget, how do you know which items to splurge on and which to buy at a discount? Let’s explore…

 Apartment Essentials to Splurge On & Save

Model One Bedroom Kitchen and Living Room at Vela on OX Apartments in Woodland Hills, CA


Overall furniture isn’t considered a great investment to spend a lot of money on because it will likely sell at a loss. But if you’re shopping for furniture you intend to keep for a long time, it’s best to splurge. Cheaper furniture usually doesn’t last long so in the end you may end up spending what you would for a piece you could keep for years on end.

Another thing to think about is whether you change your style of decor often. If one year you’re into mid century modern and the next you’re looking for something more rustic, you may want to buy furniture at a cheaper price so you don’t lose out.


Interior decor is very personal and whether you splurge on it or not will likely be decided on your budget and what you like. If you go for more trendy items you won’t keep long, it’s probably best to shop at a discount. If you tend to decorate your home with personal items, let’s say from traveling or buying sentimental items, this would be be the time to splurge as you will probably keep them for years to come.

Now when it comes to decor items that we really don’t think much about until we move, like bathroom/kitchen rugs and towels, there’s really no need to splurge. You can easily find quality rugs at box stores for cheaper prices.

Household Items

We say splurge when it comes to kitchen items. You’ll be using your kitchen items probably more than any other items in your home so it’s best to buy high-quality durable products that last. When you move you’ll usually find yourself loading up on household essentials as well like cleaning items such as brooms, towels, mops, etc. There’s really no point in buying anything expensive when it comes to these, although you may not want to go as cheap as dollar store items because those do tend to fall apart rather quickly. However, for essentials like a vacuum cleaner and appliances, stay away from cheap because they can tend to burn out very quickly.

Depending on your budget and tastes, splurging or saving on apartment essentials all comes down to a judgement call!

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