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Apartment Decor: Minimalist Furniture Ideas

April 9, 2018

Minimalism has made a comeback in the last decade. Minimalism means different things to different folks. Some believe true minimalism requires you to own less than 100 things total. We’re not quite that hardcore! Minimalism can simply mean cutting out the clutter in your life with a more minimalist approach to decor. Pictureless pieces and accessories while letting your furniture make the main statement. This usually means fewer colors as well, with a focus on black, white, neutrals and a bold accent color here or there. Bare walls with one or two art pieces and then perhaps some indoor greenery to brighten up your space if you’re partial to that.

There aren’t any technical rules with going with the minimalist look, but once you start digging into inspiration via Pinterest or Instagram, you’ll start to see a common thread. Usually, hard clean edges combined with maybe a hint of wood or metal. This look is definitely not for everyone, but this trend is becoming more and more popular. One could say we’re in a minimalist moment in time!

Here are some of our favorite minimalist pieces you’ll want to check out if you’re so inclined!



Alvin Arm Chair is made of a soft-formed plastic shell and will bring the quintessential minimalist look to any office or dining room.


If you’re looking for simplicity in the bedroom, the Alton Black Dresser is about as simple and modern as they come.


The Oxford Queen bed is fit for any minimalist queen. Made with top-grain aniline-dyed leather with channel pleating and an iron frame, this bed is designed to impress.



A mix of minimalist and mid-century modern, this oversized media console is inspired by Scandinavian design.


The Serene 3-Piece Chaise Sectional takes minimalism to a new comfy level.


Like things clean, but classy? The Odessa White Gloss Nightstand brings a minimalist disco look to your bedroom.


Neutrals and Accent Colors


This sofa is made for a king. The Forte Channeled Saddle Leather Sofa easily gives you plenty of room to stretch out while still looking utterly cool.


The Box Frame Bench is the perfect punch of color for any minimalist apartment.


Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring, in fact, it can be downright glitzy…in a good way of course. Behold the Cuff Hammered Gold Coffee Table.


Orb Velvet Dining Chair is the perfect opportunity to had a splash of color to your minimalist dining room.


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