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An Easy Guide On How To Do Yoga in Your Apartment

Love yoga, but don’t want to splurge on an expensive yoga membership? Sure, we’re fans of group yoga classes too, but if you’re looking to cut monthly expenses then doing yoga at home is a great substitute. And don’t worry, you can easily summon your inner yogi within the cozy vicinity of your own apartment with these tips and tricks.

Yup, it’s possible to learn beneficial yoga postures right in your own apartment without spending extra dough or rushing to get to class on time thanks to online classes. And by the end of your at-home yoga session, you’ll be sure to experience that same inner bliss and emotional wellness. All you need is concentration, focus, determination and a quiet little space.

An Easy Guide On How To Do Yoga in Your Apartment

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All You Need is a Quiet Corner

The first way to start your home yoga practice is to find a cozy warm corner in your apartment that you can devote to your practice. Even if you don’t have a space to dedicate to yoga at all times, a clean area where you can lay down your mat will do the trick. The beauty of yoga is that anyone can practice it anywhere. No hard and fast rules apply.

First, you’ll want to clean out that spot from clutter, paperwork, clothes or anything laying around. Wipe down the area on a regular basis to remove dust. The last thing you’ll want to do when practicing yoga is to breathe in any dust and toxins.

Decorate it as You Like

Next, think of an image that relaxes you. This could be a splash of ocean waves, a sentimental family photograph, beautiful painting or anything you’d like, and hang it on the wall. This will relax your mind and help in concentration. Also think of colors that bring you a sense of joy, comfort, and peace. Use these images and shades to decorate your little yoga corner.

Practicing yoga every day can be challenging and can seem draining when you first start but making your yoga space unique and true to yourself will inspire you to practice on a regular basis.

To add a little drama, you can scent your yoga space with an essential oil diffuser and add mood lighting. Another must have is a full-length mirror so that you’ll be able to check your poses and correct your posture.


Essential Elements to Setup the Yoga Stage

  • Yoga Mats – Now that you have set up a soothing corner of your own in the apartment, you’ll need to collect a few items for your practice. Invest in a high quality, durable yoga mat. A good yoga mat is thin, slightly soft and helps to maintain your balance on hard surfaces while doing difficult yoga poses.
  • Breathable Clothing – Get a few pairs of super comfortable yoga-specific clothing. Be sure to try them on to make sure they fit correctly and don’t get in the way of practicing certain poses. You can find yoga apparel everywhere these days, but our favorite are Lululemon, Alo, and Teeki.
  • Yoga Towel – If you plan on using a heater to do hot yoga, have a towel handy for wiping away sweat during your practice.
  • Bolster – A bolster comes with loads of perks and helps in almost all the yoga postures. To name a few, it gives support to the lower portion of the back, comfortably opens up the chest and heart area and supports restorative poses.
  • Blocks – A set of yoga blocks are essential for those new to yoga to help ease into more difficult poses. But seasoned yoga enthusiasts are also known to use blocks throughout their practice to extract the most out of every pose.
  • Essential Oils – Essential oils help add life and pleasure to any practice. Ideal for self-wellness, relaxation, and focus, essential oils nourish and support the body to energize itself during a practice.
  • Music – Music is a great way to calm down your nerves, loosen up muscles and refresh your mind. Play music that energizes you during the practice and brings it down a notch with cool serene tunes during Shavasana.

Stretch Out with Easy Yoga Moves

If you’ve never done yoga before it’s best to start simple and easy. For beginners, morning and before bed yoga poses will help you get acquainted with poses, as well as get you energized for the day and ready for sleep.

Start your day refreshed and wake up your body with these super easy and beneficial morning yoga moves from Mind Body Green.

  • Malasana – Yogi Squat
  • Forearm Plank
  • Triangle Pose
  • Low Lunge Variation
  • Easy Lunge Twist
  • Open Hip
  • Sundial Salutation
  • Chest to Thighs with Interlaced Hands

Try these restorative yoga poses to help you fall into a soothing sleep from So Much Yoga.

  • Cat-Cow
  • Tabletop Twist for Shoulders
  • Child’s Pose
  • Down Dog – Pedal Out Feet
  • Forward Fold
  • Lunge with Small Back Bend
  • Pigeon
  • Spinal Twist


Take an Online Yoga Class At Home

Need a class to guide you in the right direction? Now there are plenty of online yoga classes taught by some of the most popular teachers in the yoga world. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student who prefers a guided practice, online yoga classes are a great way to practice daily at home without having to spend that high monthly studio fee!


An Easy Guide On How To Do Yoga in Your Apartment

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