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Alternative Trick or Treat Handouts to Candy

Alternative Trick or Treat Handouts to Candy

It’s that time of year again… Halloween!  The kiddos dressing up in princess and superhero costumes, walking around your neighborhood on a lovely fall evening, and… collecting tons and tons of candy.  While they’re filled with glee, the tons and tons of candy may be very unappealing to parents, so we’re here to help you find some great alternatives to those sugar-filled giveaways.  From crafty handouts to school supplies to juice boxes, we’ve hit all the bases!

Ever heard of The Teal Pumpkin Project?  It was created by Food Allergy Research and Education (FARE) to ensure that all kids can have something to enjoy on Halloween night!  To participate you have to (1) provide non-food items, (2) place a teal pumpkin in front of your house to indicate to people that you have non-food items, and (3) display a sign explaining the meaning of the teal pumpkin.  If you want to participate in this great project, here are some awesome non-food Halloween handouts:

  • Mini play-dough is always a catch with little kids.  You can find play-doh party packs at places like Walmart and Target, or dollar stores have some generic cheap options as well!
  • Glow sticks make nighttime so much more fun – kids can wear them as bracelets and necklaces!
    Bubbles are my favorite.  I still love playing with bubbles to this day!  A jumbo pack of bubbles from Target is the way to go for trick or treat handouts.
  • Halloween stickers can be found pretty much everywhere and they’re pretty cheap too!  I know I always loved stickers when I was a kid!
  • Hot chocolate packets are awesome handouts – the weather is getting cold and we all love hot cocoa on a chilly fall day!
  • An assortment of juice boxes or Capri Sun juice pouches are sure to please the kiddos.
  • Funky Halloween pens like these pumpkin pens from The Country Porch.
  • Mini stamps are fun and crafty – bonus if you can find some Halloween-themed ones!
  • These Disney’s Cars YoYos would be so perfect!  Stretchy water ball YoYos are also a super fun alternative!
  • Bouncy balls are fun for all ages if you ask me!  An assortment of bouncy balls are perfect for Halloween handouts.
  • Mini crayon packs are great and you could even step it up a notch and accompany them with mini coloring books!

Alternative Trick or Treat Handouts to Candy

*Photo above courtesy of Living on the Cheap.

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