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Affordable Tools to Save Home Memories

What makes a house a home? One filled with love. And there’s no better way to capture that love than with family photos. Since digital cameras and phones have made it extremely easy to print photos with the click of a button, you can effortlessly create wall art, albums, canvases, and even coffee mugs of you your favorites.

Let’s explore some affordable tools to save home memories…

Camera – Probably the most affordable way to take family photos is just using the camera on your phone. If you’re not really that into photography there isn’t a benefit to buying another camera that is slightly better than your phone. If you’re adamant about getting a separate camera and are a budding photographer, skip the point and shoot, and go for an entry level dslr camera by Canon or Nikon. This will take your family photos to the next level and you can experiment with different lenses.

Storage – If you’re using your iPhone, you can use their cloud storage to save family photos or upload them onto the photo app on your Mac. For backup, upload your photos onto Flickr or Dropbox so you don’t lose them!

Edit – If you like to keep things super simple, just edit your photos in Instagram or –  to take things up a notch, download the Adobe Lightroom app for maximum mobile editing abilities.

Print – There’s a variety of ways to print family photos either online or at a photo center. For online, Shutterfly still reigns king for their print options, but also check out Snapfish, Mixbook, and Flickr. Most of these online printing sites have special discounts regularly so be sure to check before buying. If you’d rather get prints in person you can still usually print photos at your local drug store. Costco is also a great option for adorable printed canvases.

Display – There’s really no need to buy expensive picture frames when you can find such great deals on them. Aaron Brothers has one of the best selection of frames and usually has some sort of in-store deal. Michael’s is also a great choice for saving on a huge selection of frames. Or just go to Ross or Target for super affordable frames.

Video – Take a lot of video on your iPhone? Easily edit them right on your phone using the iMovie app. Another super easy way to edit mobile video is just using Instagram stories or video. Stories are 10 seconds long and are perfect for short clips and funny memories. You can also download them onto your phone straight from your Stories and then save onto Dropbox or the cloud, and then combine them together in iMovie to watch when the relatives are over!

Saving home and family memories these days is super easy and luckily, very affordable too!


Affordable Tools to Save Home Memories



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