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Advice for Apartment Living from Fairfield Moms

May 6, 2022

No one gives better advice than mom. To celebrate Mother's Day, we asked some of the moms here at Fairfield to share their best advice for apartment living. Whether you're moving out for the first time or are comfortably settled in your ways, sage advice from mom can always make life a little better.

Mom's Advice for Living in an Apartment

Keep It Clean

"The first thing I do when my son or daughter move into a new place is make sure they have a vacuum and buy them some cleaning products! To keep a clean home, you need to have the necessary supplies. And make sure a trash can is on the shopping list. That's an item that usually gets over looked."

Terri, mother of 2

Unpack the Bedroom First

"You'll be tired from moving, so make sure the bedroom is the first place that's unpacked."

Tara, mother of 3

Fill the Freezer

"As a mom I am constantly making sure my kids have enough food. Whether they're just moving in or have been settled for a long time, I will always have frozen meals to fill the freezer. So, whether it's moving day or long after, keep the freezer stocked for those days you need a quick and easy meal."

Esperanza, mother of 3

Find Your Feng Shui

"The way you decorate your apartment is so important for how comfortable you feel! Don't put your bed under a window... and in earthquake-prone locations, be sure not to hang anything heavy or glass above the bed!

Nicole, mother of 2

Keep the Important Stuff Organized

"Organizing in general is important to help minimize stress, but when it comes to important documents, be sure to have a dedicated storage area and file folders."

Ericka, mother of 2

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