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9 DIY Gingerbread House Ideas and Recipes

‘Tis the season for cookies, treats, and sweets. We’ve already covered holiday cookie recipes this month, now it’s time to highlight the best artsy holiday sweets out there…gingerbread houses! Unlike cookies, gingerbread houses are created more for decoration than to be devoured immediately. Although we’re not going to lie, it’s totally tempting!

In this article, we link to some truly amazing works of gingerbread art including a gingerbread log cabin that is so cozy you’ll want to live in it. A magical Swedish gingerbread house reminiscent of a fairyland. And some adorable tiny gingerbread mug toppers that will take your hot chocolate over the edge.

These recipes will cover the basics of how to make a gingerbread house, plus will feature some incredible gingerbread inspiration (we’re not kidding!). But the most important thing to remember when creating your own is to make it your own. That’s the beauty of gingerbread houses… design it however you like!

Let’s check out our favorite recipes…

9 DIY Gingerbread House Ideas and Recipes

12 DIY Gingerbread House Ideas and Recipes

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9 DIY Gingerbread House Ideas and Recipes

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