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9 Adorable DIY Pet Hacks

9 Adorable DIY Pet Hacks

We’ll do almost anything for our pets, right? If you’re more on the creative side, instead of running out to the pet store (or ordering on Amazon!) for all your pet supplies, toys and treats, thanks to the internet you can easily find out how to make your own DIY versions or hacks. There are some amazing hacks out there and we’ve gathered some of the most adorable. So time to break out your favorite DIY supplies and get creative!

DIY Dog Bed From A Recycled Tire!

Who knew an old tire could make such a cute hack? And since pups love to snuggle in tight spaces, it makes sense that an old tire would be the perfect hack. Wondering where you’ll find an old tire? The blogger gave a tip that Discount Tire (or any tire store) is looking to recycle old tires and would happily give one away.

Cozy Travel Cushions – Who knew you could make a pet pillow from your old towels? Plus, this hack looks like something you would buy in a store!

Ikea Doll Pet for Tiny Pups – Wait until you see how adorable this dog bed hack is!  It’s perfect for small dogs, plus the blog post includes an extra Ikea hack.

diy modern pet bowl stand

Us cat people know curious kitties have a knack for making a mess. This DIY Pet Bowl Stand solves that problem while still keeping your home looking cute – of course.

Dog Crate AND Bedside Table

With this hack, no one will know there’s a dog crate next to your bed. No one really likes the site of crates and this hack is ideal for crate training puppies and keeping them close to you without sacrificing style.

Shelf Cat Tree Hack – Ikea to the rescue for creating this unique cat tree that your kitty will love.

Kitty window lounger

This Kitty Window Lounger is ideal for cats who love to perch and keep an eye on what’s going on outside.

Beau Rouxs Corner DIY Pet Bed – You won’t believe how adorable this pet bed hack is! Hint, it’s made out of a suitcase!

DIY Cat Food Tray – This hack is in German, but it’s pretty self-explanatory from the photos. And it’s too sleek not to share! All you need is a hot glue gun, a tray, bowls, cake stand and you’re good to go.


9 Adorable DIY Pet Hacks1

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