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7 Ways to Bring Zen into Your Apartment

7 Ways to Bring Zen into Your Apartment

With the busy lives that most of us have these days, having an apartment that makes you feel calm, relaxed, and zen after coming home from a long day of work is crucial!  Your apartment should feel like home and should be a calming sanctuary.  Can you imagine if you came home every day to a drab, boring, and stressful environment? Bring zen into your apartment, light a couple fresh-scented candles and just chill – I can’t think of anything better! So how to do it? Read on!

6 Ways to bring zen into your apartment

  1. Organize your home and get rid of anything unnecessary – declutter to the max!
  2. Incorporate the 5 elements of zen – fire (candles), earth (plants), metal (a minimalist metal wall decor), water (a small water feature), and wood (cabinets, bed frame, shelving).
  3. Make use of earthy colors.  Brown sofas, tan rugs, gray blankets, and natural wood accents.
  4. Let in the natural light!  Open your windows and allow the sun to do its job.  Also, instead of harsh overhead lighting, opt for some lamps that can provide a warmer, softer light.
  5. Have a handful of indoor plants to clean your air.
  6. Scatter a couple essential oil diffusers around your apartment.
  7. Keep it simple!  Go easy on the decor and furnishings.

To step up your zen game even more, try creating the ultimate spa retreat in your own bathroom!

7 Ways to bring zen into your apartment

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