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7 Tips to Organize your Fridge

Have you ever spent 5 straight minutes digging around your fridge looking for something that you were SURE was there, only to be unable to find it? Keeping a refrigerator organized between a busy family, a pair (or more!) of roommates or even when you live alone can be challenging. Check out our tips for organizing a fridge that will make those fridge scavenger hunts a thing of the past.

  1. For drinks that come in large bulky containers, transfer them over to a carafe or pitcher that will take up more vertical space, thus using up less shelf space!
  2. If you like things being in a particular place and grouped together, use baskets with labels – you’ll never have to dig through the fridge ever again to find that strawberry yogurt tucked away in the back!  Same goes for the doors, label them so they have a designated “purpose”, like “dairy” or “condiments”.
  3. Removable fridge mats for the shelves are great because it makes cleaning a breeze.  Just remove the mats, wipe them off or rinse them off and, voila, clean shelves!  They’re also super cute!
  4. Keep foods that could drip, like meats, on the bottom shelf to prevent huge messes.
  5. Use a dry erase marker on the refrigerator door if you want to keep track of what’s in your fridge!  It’s such a brilliant idea and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner!  You can also put a large dry erase board on your fridge if you can’t write directly onto your fridge.
  6. Use a mini lazy Susan or turntable to make sure you never forget about those items lurking in the back of your fridge.  This is especially useful for condiments and dressings.
  7. Use the “ceiling” of your fridge for storage.  You can do this by purchasing BottleLoft!  They’re strong magnets that attach to the top of your fridge and any bottle with metal lids can “hang” – how genius!

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