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6 Ways to Use Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping

The holidays can be overwhelming with shopping for gifts, decorating and then gift wrapping on top of it all! Wouldn’t it be nice if you had reusable items on hand to use as gift wrapping? Not only would it save time, but you’re also doing the environment a favor! On the other hand, if you’re super creative and love to create pretty gift wrapping, but want to do it in an eco friendly way, here are some incredibly creative ideas to make your eco gift wrapping top notch. Either way, the person on the receiving end will be super impressed with eco conscious and adorable gift wrapping!

Eco Friendly Paper – First you can buy eco friendly printed wrapping paper if you do desire to have that traditional festive look. One company that has a variety of eco friendly wrapping paper is Wrappily. With tons of prints to choose from this is your go to spot for conscious wrapping paper, bows and ribbons.

Fabric – You may have never thought of using actual fabric for wrapping paper, but it can be done! It just takes a little creativity and patience to wrap it neatly, but nevertheless, this option can create a beautiful look that can be used again and again.

Scarves – This is a great option if you’re giving a gift to someone who actually loves scarves too! Head to the nearby thrift store where you can usually find a unique scarf that can double as wrapping paper.

Used Tissue Paper – Tissue paper is one of those items that’s get used once and tossed in the trash, but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you have used tissue paper that’s partly crinkled or bent, just evenly crinkle the rest by squishing it into a ball and then unraveling it to create an overall crinkled look. Or if your used tissue paper is in good shape, just use as is.

Newspaper – If you really want to get eco friendly, just reuse old newspapers as wrapping paper. Super simple and costs next to nothing!

Antique Trinkets & Ornaments – Feeling creative? Head to the antique store to pick up old trinkets like bells, necklace pendants or even vintage ornaments to accessorize your ribbons and bows.

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