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6 Reasons Fall Is The Best Time To Move

September 9, 2021

Go ahead, fall in love with that new apartment. Fall is the best time to move and we’re sharing the top six reasons why. Fairfield has communities across the United States, which makes it easy to find the perfect home no matter where you’re looking to live. Search by city or explore our map to find your next home!

6 Reasons Why Fall Is the Best Time to Move

Now’s The Best Time To Move

Optimal Weather for Moving

Fall weather is temperate, which is the best case scenario for moving. You’ll have the best chances of keeping cool while doing any heavy lifting but also likely be able to avoid bulky winter coats.

Better Prices

Summer is the peak season for moving in America. The competition from other renters drives up prices. In the Fall, demand is lower, which means prices are too. Moving in the Fall isn’t the only way to save; check out our tips for how to move on a budget.

Movers Have More Availability

Less demand means less competition for apartments, but it also means less competition when hiring movers. Moving companies have more availability and can often be more flexible with your timing. You may even be able to add on additional services like packing with less notice.

Upcoming Holiday Sales

Break something during the packing process? Realize your new space has an extra corner you need to fill? If you move during the fall you can plan any furniture, cookware, or household upgrades to coincide with the winter sales at many major retailers.

Kids Are Back In School

Moving involves a lot of, well, moving parts. Moving when the kids are in school can help minimize distractions and interference.

Settle In Before The Holidays

Winter is full of holiday celebrations and year-end parties. Whether you’re hosting or attending, it’s nice to be settled into your space prior to the holiday rush!

Bonus Moving Perk From Fairfield

No matter what time of year you move into a Fairfield community, you’ll get a complimentary Updater account to help make the transition as seamless as possible. Once you sign your lease keep an eye out for the Updater invitation email!

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