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6 Epic Tree House Getaways for Spring

6 Epic Tree House Getaways for Spring

Who would have thought that actual tree houses could be luxurious vacation destinations? For those of us who grew up on Swiss Family Robinson and the fantasy of one day hanging out in an epic treehouse, well…that day has arrived. Yes, luxe tree houses are now a thing in 2018 and you can visit them all over the globe. Although if you’re looking to stay local, we’ve got you covered because there are plenty all over the U.S. as well.

Whether you’re looking for extreme luxury or extreme treehouse authenticity, you can find both. We’ve gathered together a great mixture of some amazing tree houses where you’ll want to book your next vacation, especially when the warmth of spring comes around. And there’s one that is amazing even during a white winter, read on!

Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse in the Bamboo Forest – Who knew there is a TV show dedicated to treehouses? This beauty will be featured on Treehouse Masters: Ultimate Treehouse in 2018. Perfect for weddings, photo shoots, and other celebrations, the Atlanta Alpaca Treehouse can accommodate up to four guests and includes luxe beds, power, AC/Heat, marble baths for a comfy stay.

Luxury Montana Treehouse Retreat At The Gateway To Glacier National Park – Perfect for either the winter or warmer seasons, this luxe tree house is just minutes away from Glacier National Park and the slopes of Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort. Want to impress your friends with an epic ski trip? This is the place to book.

Authentic Hawaii Volcano Treehouse – We can’t argue that Hawaii is probably the perfect place for a tree house getaway. Tucked away in beautiful greenery, this is for those that love eco-friendly architecture and sustainability. Purposely without the conveniences of modern technology, those that visit the Volcano Treehouse will truly feel like they’re living in Swiss Family Robinson!

The Floating HouseWhat’s more epic than a tropical tree house minutes away from the beach in Costa Rica? Yeah, we stumped too! This amazing luxe tree house is hard to beat. This high-end 3 bedroom home has been featured in numerous design magazines and comes with a hefty price per night, but it might be worth it.

Romantic Tree House Cottage in Forest of Halfmoon Bay in British ColumbiaThis beautiful treehouse cottage combines the serenity of natural greenery with all the updates you’d want in a modern hotel. The best part might be the hot tub, which the owners suggest you soak in after a hike through the forest. Yes, please.

Green Village Bali – Last, but definitely not least, Green Village might host the most visually stunning treehouse designs out there. You see, it’s not just one, but a village of epic treehouses. Each is unique and made of sustainable bamboo. Did we mention this eco-friendly village is located in Bali? A dream come true. Even better? You can actually buy one.


6 Epic Tree house Getaways for Spring

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