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6 DIY Travel Games for Kids

6 DIY Travel Games for Kids

Ahhh, summer road trips.  Jumping in the car, carefree, heading to a new and unexplored destination with days of vacation in front of you.

That’s what it’s like to head out on a road trip pre-kids.  Post kids?  Well, let’s just say the words “carefree” and “vacation” don’t generally apply.  “Are we there yet?”, “How much longer mom?”, “Why is it taking so long?”  That’s why an arsenal of distractions is key for long trips in the car.  With the help of some super easy and convenient DIY travel games, your road trip annoyances will die down to a whisper.

Chalk and Magnet Board  Such an easy way to let your kiddos draw their hearts away – plus there’s the added fun of magnets and the bonus of this being totally reusable, time and time again.

Coloring Cases  I would have loved these portable coloring boxes as a child!  It would be super easy to make a bigger version of this too if these are too small for your liking.

Travel Timeline  This is a really great idea and you could totally turn it into an adorable piece of art or add it to a scrapbook!

Craft Stick Puzzles  Regular puzzles would be an absolute pain in the butt to put together on a road trip, however, these DIY Popsicle/craft stick picture puzzles are hassle-free and a lot easier to assemble in a car.

I Spy Jar  I can imagine that this game would get very boring for older kids but it’s great for younger kids – they’ll spend so much time trying to find all the little knickknacks hidden in the rice!

Portable LEGO Kit  This is by far my favorite idea!  I’m pretty sure I’d actually keep this for myself… I still love LEGOs – don’t judge me!

6 DIY kids travel games

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