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6 Breakfast Spots to Check Out in SoMa San Francisco

June 20, 2016

SoMa, San Francisco. Otherwise known as South Of Market. Land of our newest Fairfield Residential addition to the district, the unique, L Seven; Home of SoreThumbs, Square Pegs, Different Strokes, and 3 Dollar Bills.

We figured our future residents in the heart of SoMa like a good old satisfying breakfast or brunch, with possibly a mid-morning cocktail (although certainly not required). Let us tell you, it was no hard feat coming up with local and unique breakfast joints to share. But we figured these special SoMa spots might be right up your alley.

Cafe Venue – Why wait in line to order when you can order online. Makes perfect sense. And our stomach’s are grumbling at this very second for a veggie bagel sandwich, crunchy granola and an Eye Opener (two eggs, potato and toast).


Trou Normand – Kick it up a notch why don’tcha and get a literal spread of food for brekky. Trou Normand is known for its 40 types of salumi and charcuterie available all-day, plus turn of the century cocktails. And a full brunch menu. Um…our stomachs are still growling.


The Bagel Bakery SF – You don’t want to look at Bagel Bakery’s menu when you’re super hungry. Take it from us and save yourself the torture. Instead just go directly there and order one of their bagel omelets or bagelwiches or grilled sandwiches that sound simply unbelievable right now. Did we mention they have a bagel bar and bakery?


SoMa Eats – Serving breakfast until 11am and closed on the weekends, SoMa Eats doesn’t exactly make it easy for patrons to just swing by. You snooze you lose and trust us, you don’t want to lose this one. Everything on their little breakfast menu sounds divine, especially the Croque Madam Sandwich. Yes please. Oh, and if you miss breakfast they do serve lunch and happy hour. Just remember, not on the weekends.


Frog Hollow Farm – From farm (literally) to table, Frog Hollow has a breakfast menu full of clean healthy eats, plus all sorts of other baked on-site goodies like yummy seasonal bakeries. This cafe prides itself on using seasonal and local farm to table ingredients and goods. They’re literally an urban farm stand right smack in the middle of SoMa. Located on the waterside of the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace. Pretty neat.


The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen – Grilled cheese for breakfast?! Heck yes. Delicious grilled cheese breakfast sandwiches are made with fried or scrambled (by request) cage-free eggs. We’re pretty much dying for their Huevos Rolando which sounds like a grilled cheese huevos rancheros dream come true. Plus they have hot sides like Biscuit & Eggs and Homestyle Oatmeal.

Okay, that’s it. We can’t take it anymore…must…eat…breakfast.

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