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5 Outdoor Activities for Couples

Many of our residents across the country are super active and fitness-conscious.  They crave being outside and near local outdoor activities.  While it still may be a bit cold out in many parts of the country, it is the month of love, and for that, we wanted to share some outdoor bonding experiences for our active couples out there.

Go for a Trek Many of our residents love trekking and often participate in hiking local trails.  This is a great activity for couples because not only are you getting a great workout in, you can chat while you’re doing so, stop to soak in the beautiful views together and even make it a mini vacation with a multiple day trek.

Biking Have a bike, but aren’t familiar with local biking trails?  Use Trail Link to find a trail near you. This in-depth website gives great descriptions of almost all bike trails in the US, organized by state.  Spend a day with your honey rolling through hillsides or flatland and enjoying gorgeous scenery.

Picnic It’s something so simple, but how many of us actually do this anymore?  This is a great activity for couples to spend some quality time together.  Grab your favorite ingredients for lunch, pack it up and head to a beautiful park or nature reserve for a lovely day date.

Trail Running While not all of us would think of running as something to do for fun with your better half, there are those few that are absolutely obsessed with it.  Trail running in particular has risen in popularity in the last fifteen years and is a wonderful way to get some high intensity workouts in while witnessing beautiful terrain.

Camping or GlampingCamping is a great way to enjoy a vacation with your loved one if you have a small budget.  There’s really nothing like staying overnight in nature and the wilderness to get your outdoor fix.  And usually where there’s camping, there’s plenty of outdoor activities to take advantage of.  Even if you’re not too fond of roughing it, with the popularity of “glamping” you can experience nature and luxury at the same time.  Check out glamping.com for a great directory of glamping sites around the world.

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