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5 Not So Scary Movies to Watch This October

Hate scary movies, but still want to get into the mood for Halloween? Have no fear, these scary-ish movies are fun to watch and they won’t give you nightmares.

  1. Ghostbusters – Probably the number one not-so-scary movie out there, this 80s classic is big on the laughs with a little dose of scary. But mostly just funny. The scariest part might be in the very beginning in the library, but chances are if you’re not a kid, you’ll do just fine with this one.
  2. Stranger Things – Not technically a movie, but this Netflix series is perfect for the “not so scary” category. Mostly funny and aimed towards older kids and adults alike, this dark TV show actually has a ton of laughs and some kind of scary parts. Nothing that will give you nightmares though!
  3. E.T. – Speaking of the 80’s, this treasured sci-fi classic is the perfect Halloween movie. A friendly alien, a group of rambunctious kids and an epic 80’s Halloween scene, you’ll mostly likely be smiling or crying rather than frightened with this iconic movie about friendship.
  4. Zombieland – If you don’t mind gore, but still don’t want to be scared out of your mind, this zombie road trip movie might just be what you’re looking for. A comedy for sure, but with that suspense element that you crave during Halloween season.
  5. Scream – This somewhat forgotten 90’s serial killer thriller was literally all the rage in the 90’s. In fact, it was so popular they made three of them! You don’t hear much about Scream these days, but it’s part classic high school movie, part slasher horror, and 100% 90’s. A fun watch if you just want to scream (no pun intended) for fun instead of in horror.
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