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5 Must Have Travel Apps

Pack your bags! It’s summer and our favorite time to travel. Luckily these days, planning travel is easier than ever thanks to online booking and of course, mobile apps. But it doesn’t end there. Maintain your whole trip schedule and bookings in one app, get on-the-hour weather and skip the customs line when traveling internationally. Check out our 5 Must Have Travel Apps below…

5 Must Have Travel Apps

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For the most in-depth flight info, your best bet is to download the app of the airline you’re flying. This will ensure you’re getting the correct information for flight delays, points, etc. Extra tip? Make sure the airline app is updated the night before you fly to ensure you get all the relevant info. Yes, it’s possible you may get a notification that your flight is delayed or canceled from the app itself, but this will also give you an opportunity to book another flight within minutes.

International Travel

Want to save some time from having to wait in customs while flying to another country? Download Mobile Passport to gain Global Entry status. Fill out your info as soon as you land to breeze through customs. This app is officially authorized by U.S. Customs and Borders Protection.


What’s going through the mind of everyone about to embark on a trip…what’s the weather going to be like? Of course, there are already apps on our phones with weather updates, but if you want to take it to the next level check out the geolocation app Dark Sky, which will give you weather updates on the hour.

Last Minute Hotel Bookings

The app Hotels Tonight will be your savior when it comes to last minute bookings. Not sure when you’ll be getting to your destination? Download this app to find deals on last-minute bookings, even late night deals!

Overall Trip Planner

Want all your travel details in one place? Check out Trip Case to add your flight, lodging, car rental info plus much more. And you can share your info with fellow travelers so that everyone is on the same page.


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