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5 Measurements to Take Before Leasing an Apartment

5 Measurements to Take Before Leasing an Apartment

It’s good to be prepared when you begin apartment hunting. Aside from knowing your budget and which areas of town you want to live in, it’s essential to know measurements of your furniture and your new place to make sure that not only will it fit, but you won’t have trouble moving it in.

  1. Couch – Aside from your bed your couch is usually the biggest piece of furniture you’ll own so it’s essential to know its measurements ideally before you start apartment hunting. Bring a tape measure with you so you can easily see if it will fit into potential living spaces.
  2. Bed – This is the other essential measurement, especially if you have a queen or king size bed and if you won’t be taking the master bedroom. The last thing you want is a either a bed that doesn’t fit or one that takes up most of the room.
  3. Other Large Pieces – Do you have other large pieces like a dresser, dining room table, coffee table, etc? Make a list of these measurement to take with you while you apartment hunt.
  4. Bedroom and Living Spaces – When you take a tour of potential apartments, be sure to have a tape measure on hand to see how much room you’ll have after you’ve measured your furniture.
  5. Doorways – By measuring doorways and walk-through spaces you’ll be saving yourself the potential nightmare of not being able to fit your furniture through walkways to actually get into your new apartment. Most newer apartments won’t have this problem unless you have exceptionally large pieces, however older more vintage apartments often have smaller doorways.

Be sure to take these measurements to save time, money, and moving-related headaches!

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