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5 Best Apps for Pet Owners

5 Best Apps for Pet Owners

When you consider your four-legged pal to be part of the family then he should totally have some apps on your phone that are dedicated to him – don’t you agree?  We’ve handpicked the 5 best apps out there for all you dog and cat parents!  From first aid, to fitness, to pet-friendly destinations – we’ve got it all covered for your convenience!


Pet First Aid by American Red Cross  Knowing the basics to pet first aid is crucial, and your pet will definitely thank you for it – even though they’ll do everything except stay still while you’re trying to bandage up that wound.  Make sure you’ve got a pet first aid kit on hand as well – the ASPCA has a great list of the must-have essentials.


BarkCam  If you’re anything like me, your photo album on your phone is FILLED with pictures of your pups – no shame, am I right?  But sometimes, getting your fur ball to pose for pictures and actually sit still can be close to impossible!  BarkCam has come up with a brilliant solution to this ever-so-frustrating problem.  The app emits a sound that will grab your dog’s attention so you can snap that adorable picture – so genius!


DogVacay  When you have a pet, going on a vacation doesn’t seem to be as stress-free as it used to be.  I can’t stand the thought of leaving my dog at a boarding kennel. I’d much rather have them stay in another home where they’ll be treated like part of the family.  This is where DogVacay comes in handy!  They have so many pet sitters that will take care of your pup or kitty while you’re away on vacation, complete with reviews from people who have first-hand experience with each sitter.  It definitely gives you some peace of mind knowing that your fur baby is getting lots of love and much needed exercise.


FitBark  Were you dreaming of the day when you could have a Fitbit for your dog?  Look no further because that day has finally arrived!  This app and collar-attachment device will help you track your dog’s activity and sleep.  It helps you improve your dog’s health and also explains any change in behavior that you may have been noticing.


BringFido  If you’re always wondering where you can and cannot bring your dog, then this is the app for you!  They’ve got everything covered – hotels, vacation rentals, camp grounds, air travel, pet services, parks, beaches, restaurants, events, and much more.  You no longer need to worry about whether your pup will be allowed at that favorite restaurant of yours, or at that cute little bed and breakfast you were planning to stay at.

5 Best Apps for Pet Owners

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