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5 Apartment Amenities that Make Your Life Easier

Often it’s the little daily tasks that tend to run us down, right? Most of us are already so busy that adding anything on top of our hectic schedule makes us feel like we’re trudging through mud. But sometimes, there are those simple things in life that just make you say, ahh. One such thing is our apartment amenities that can make your daily life go much smoother.

It’s the things we don’t think about until we’re without them. For instance, when you move into a new place that doesn’t have a washer and dryer on the premises. Or spending extra time and money to go work out at the local gym. Or not having enough storage room in your home for all of your belongings.

Trust us, we get it!

If you’re in search of the top apartment amenities that will save you time and money, you’ll definitely want to scroll down and check out our favorites.

5 Apartment Amenities that Make Your Life Easier

5 Apartment Amenities that Make Your Life Easier

In-Home Washer & Dryer

The holy grail of apartment amenities might be the in-home washer and dryer. Do you know anyone that likes to lug their laundry to a laundromat? Or how about anyone that enjoys spending their precious time searching for quarters to pay to do their laundry? We didn’t think so. Not only does having an in-home washer and dryer save you time and money, but it also relieves stress. Throw a load in and enjoy Netflix. Doesn’t sound too bad to us!

5 Apartment Amenities that Make Your Life Easier

24 Hour Fitness Center

Gyms can be really expensive and half of the time you pay for it and don’t end up even using it. Plus, you may not have time to commute to the gym before or after work. You may not want to have to carry with you a clean pair of clothes to put on after your workout or shower in a sometimes not-so-clean public locker room. When your apartment community has a gym on the premises, it makes the hassle of working out non-existent. You save time and money, plus you work out more.

5 Apartment Amenities that Make Your Life Easier

Walk-in Closet

If there’s one thing that can really make your home cluttered, it’s not having adequate storage space. And a cluttered home not only looks messy but can make you feel unorganized and stressed out. Who wants that? Ask any girl, a walk-in closet is a must. Not just for clothes, but it’s ideal for keeping things stored, your home clean and a smile on your face.

Dog park & Dog Wash

Instead of driving to a dog park, you can save time and money by using your community’s bark park for your fur babies. Plus save money by washing your pup right on the premises thanks to a dog wash machine. Considering how expensive pet grooming can be, this is one amenity ideal for dog lovers.

Bark Pet Park with Dog Station

USB Charger

Are you one of those people who is constantly losing their USB power adapters? Yup, we’ve been there. And power adapters aren’t cheap to replace, costing around $20 for what is essentially a tiny piece of plastic. Well, our newer properties at Fairfield Residential now include USB chargers in most floor plans. No need to search for your power adapter to charge your phone. Just plug into the wall, and you’re good to go.


While these amenities might not be the most glamorous, they ‘re essential for making your daily life easier.

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