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4 Essential Herbs for Your Summer Garden

There’s no better time to enjoy the outdoors and gardening than during the summer. With a plethora of veggies and fruits that thrive during the summer, you can grow your own food and create your own farm to table dinners. Adding your own herbs are an important part of any dish to create extra flavor, not to mention the amazing nutrients they offer.

If you live in the city or in an apartment (like our residents!), it’s super easy to create your own summer herb garden. As long as these herbs get plenty of sunlight and water, they’ll do fine on either your balcony or windowsill. Still not sure where to start when it comes to creating your own urban garden? First, check out our blog post on the tools of the trade to create your own adorable balcony garden.

Next, start with these herbs to spruce up your meals and for optimum health.

Basil – Not only does basil taste amazing in salads and on pizza, it’s stocked with antioxidants to help fight disease and inflammation, not to mention it has antibacterial properties to keep your system clean. The scent of basil is relaxing and is a lovely addition to any garden.

Parsley – A staple herb to have around the house, fresh parsley is amazing for cleansing your body. Add it to your green smoothie or juice in the morning to improve digestion and remove toxins. Bonus? In addition to its high mineral and vitamin content, it helps fight bad breath.

Cilantro – If you’re a lover of vibrant Mexican and Asian dishes, you’ll definitely want to add cilantro to your urban garden. A must have for guacamole and curries, this essential herb adds a ton of flavor without the need for extra salt. Plus, it boasts a plethora of health benefits such as fighting oxidative stress, cardiovascular disease and ridding the body of heavy metals and toxins.

Oregano – An amazing herb to add flavor to Mediterranean dishes, oregano is a must-have herb staple. Known for strengthening the immune system and helping with digestive issues because of its high fiber content, as well as detoxifying the body just like parsley and cilantro.4 Essential Herbs for Your Summer Garden


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