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4 Easy Steps to Organizing Your Apartment

4 Easy Steps to Organizing Your Apartment

Some people love to organize and then there’s the rest of us who would probably rather be doing something else. Extremely organized people seem to have a gene the rest of us wish we had inherited. They actually thrive on cleaning and putting items in their assigned places. Amazing. But if you’re like the masses, you may clean only to find your home in disarray only a day later. Ah yes, life just happened to you.

Of course, there’s no way to get around life “happening”. However you can minimize the messiness with some simple organizing tips. For those of us not natural organizing pros, it’s time to learn some lessons in the art of hacking. It’s all the rage these days.

These simple steps and DIY hacks will make your life easier and ahem, more organized. And who deep down, doesn’t want that?

4 Easy Steps to Organizing Your Apartment

  1. Start with a clean slate. You can’t get organized if you’re surrounded by stuff that is cluttering your apartment. The first step is to do a thorough no holds barred audit of your stuff. Toss what you don’t use. Be honest with yourself!
  2. Notice what tends to end up laying around over and over again. Keys, shoes, purses? Books, sunglasses, mail?
  3. Separate and tackle. Put those items into separate piles and choose one to focus on at a time.
  4. Come up with an organizing hack for each pile. This doesn’t need to be something you come up with yourself. No need to reinvent the wheel when there are a million different tutorials and DIYs out there these days. Pinterest is the perfect place to search for ideas for DIY projects or organizational products you can buy.
    1. For keys try this super neat succulent key holder DIY from Lolie Jane.
    2. For organizing mail, try this simple Ikea hack from Hey Let’s Make Stuff.
    3. For organizing shoes (or anything for that matter) try this modern looking ladder shelf DIY from A Pair and A Spare.
    4. For all other knick knacks (including sunglasses) try these adorable DIY Catch All Wall Pockets from The Jungalow.

Organizing can seem overwhelming, but it’s actually super easy. It’s all about having a place to put your stuff so you don’t end up with a mess. Start with the stuff that has no assigned place and tackle those items first. As you get better at organizing your apartment, then you can start to brainstorm on better ways to organize everything else. Like we mentioned earlier, go on to Pinterest and search for ideas. You can also check out our Home Organization Ideas board for inspiration.

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4 Easy Steps to Organizing Your Apartment. Love how she breaks it down into super easy steps. And I absolutely love the awesome DIY ideas to help you get organized, especially the succulent key holder and Ikea hack for organizing your mail. On my to-do list for this weekend!

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