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3 Life Changing Tidy Tips for Your Apartment

Let’s be honest…who doesn’t want a tidy apartment? Sure, some of us don’t like to clean and we totally understand that. Luckily you can still keep your apartment nice and put together without having to do much cleaning. And if you are a neat freak (nothing wrong with that), we have tips for you too!

3 Life Changing Tidy Tips for Your Apartment

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The key to having a tidy apartment is never letting a mess get out of control. We all know how piles of clothes can get bigger and bigger the longer we let them sit there – same with papers or dirty dishes. How do we prevent this from happening? The key is to have a system in place.

Here are some tips that actually work to keep your own system going.

The Sooner The Better

Have a place for everything – especially those items that can get out of control. Dirty dishes? Just put them in the dishwasher immediately. Dirty clothes? Toss ’em in the hamper before they hit the floor. And clean clothes? Fold them up as soon as you take them out of the dryer so they don’t get wrinkled. You get the point.

Make it Fun

How in the world can cleaning be fun? Schedule it around other things that are fun. Case in point…that podcast you’ve been wanting to listen to, but just never seem to have the time? Cleaning is the perfect excuse to listen to it. Or play your favorite music really loud and just zone out while you tidy up. Folding up laundry? Do it during a Netflix night so you get to watch your favorite show while you’re doing it. If you have something to distract you while you’re cleaning you won’t even notice that you don’t like cleaning anymore. In fact, you may even look forward to it!

Hire a Housecleaner for Deep Cleanings

If you can afford to hire a house cleaner to do those deep cleanings, why not? It will make keeping your house tidy much easier. It’s those deep cleanings that really sometimes throw us off. After all, the idea of deep cleaning your bathroom on your day off doesn’t exactly sound appealing, but coming home to a clean house after work does. If your apartment is already clean, then you can just focus on keeping it from getting messy much more easily.

These three simple tips can have a huge impact on you the tidiness of your home and dare we say, make you a happier person overall. Life changing!

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