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3 Charities That Benefit Pets

3 Charities That Benefit Pets

4 Charities That Benefit Pets

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler via Unsplash

It’s no secret that here at Fairfield Residential we’re huge pet lovers. We consider these furry creatures our family and that’s why we’re so devoted to making your fur baby’s home the best it can be. But what about the kitties and pups that don’t have a home to live in? As much as we’d like to take in every pet that needs a home, the truth is…we can’t. But what we can do is help those fur babies in need by donating to charities that benefit pets. There are many avenues to helping pets in need whether that’s volunteering at your local shelter, donating goods or monetary donations to charities that help find pets homes or donating to charities that help save pets from dangerous situations such as dog fighting or puppy mills. Let’s check out three charities that help benefit pets!

Start with your local shelter – Can you imagine the progress animals shelters could make if they had help from all local pet owners? If you love pets and are able to donate time or money to local shelters, you can benefit many pets in need. Shelters depend on your help whether that means volunteering to socialize pets or donating money for supplies and food.

PetSmart Charities – PetSmart works with shelters all around the country with one goal in mind: to end pet homelessness. They do this by working with charities to get pets adopted and preventing unwanted litters. Their goal is to find “forever homes” for pets and so far they’ve helped get more than 7 million pets adopted!

4 Charities That Benefit Pets

Photo by Ken Reid via Unsplash

Alley Cat Allies – Sadly, sometimes cats get a bad rap. Self-proclaimed dog lovers may not “get” cats or their appeal and perhaps that’s why they need their own charity to look out for them. Alley Cat Allies tackle all kinds of cat-related issues including cat cruelty, feral cats, and misinformation about cats. Yup, cats aren’t dogs and that’s what makes them so special! If you’re a cat person you’ll definitely want to check out this charity.

ASPCA – It’s heartbreaking to think of the cruelty that animals suffer, but this is something that happens every day. Thank goodness for The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Not only does ASPCA help with pet adoption, but they’re also hugely involved in preventing dog fighting, puppy mills, horse slaughter and helping with farm animal welfare.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to help pets in need. If you have the time, why not volunteer? You are not only helping, but you also get to spend time with dogs and cats that need attention and love. If time isn’t on your side, monetary donations always make a huge difference. Taking care of pets costs money and if you’re able to donate, think about how many animals’ lives you’ll be impacting. Each one of us can make difference!



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