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10 Ways to Make Your Mornings More Enjoyable

10 Ways to Make Your Mornings More Enjoyable

Ah, mornings. They can be nice or not so nice. Waking up and rushing to work…hmm, not so nice. Lounging in bed with not a care in the world…don’t even kid, that’s the best.

Wait, what if there’s a way to have a nice morning regardless if you have to work or not? Is it even possible? Oh yeah.

We’re here to dispel the myth. Mornings can indeed be darn pleasant. You just have to train yourself. There are rules to a good morning. Once you make the rules a habit, well then, welcome to a new world of morning magicalness. Alright, let’s not waste any more time.

  1. Don’t wake up to an alarm. You think we’re crazy, don’t you? But isn’t it more crazy to have a siren right next to your bed so loud that it wakes you up when you’re in a peaceful slumber? Think about it.
  2. Train yourself to wake up when the birds start chirping. Look, we’re not trying to be cute. Seriously, birds start chirping around 6, you know, when the sun starts shining through your window, which is nature’s way of telling you it’s time to wake up. Much better than a siren.
  3. But don’t get out of bed just yet. Hold on and relax. Take a deep breath. Open your eyes and look around. Stretch or if you have one, spoon with your babe for a bit. Okay, now you can get out of bed.
  4. Make that morning drink that you love. For most people it’s probably coffee, or maybe tea or water with lemon. Whatever it is, take a couple minutes to enjoy it.
  5. Read for a bit. We know, you’re in a rush. But when you wake up early to the sound of the birds chirping, don’t you think you have a couple minutes to enjoy that cup of coffee while reading a good book?
  6. Stretch for a bit. Alright, now we’re really pushing it. Does it feel odd to take time for yourself in the morning? Does it feel…wrong? Don’t let those Negative Nancy feelings creep up on you. You’re allowed to enjoy some stretching to get you all loosened up for the day. Trust us.
  7. Wait, there’s more. A good homemade breakfast. Some of you might be thinking, there is absolutely no way there is time to read, stretch and make a good breakfast, then get ready for work, drive to work, etc. Are you (us) insane? Maybe. But doesn’t a good breakfast make you feel like you can tackle the day?
  8. Okay, now get ready for work. We know you’ve been waiting for this one.
  9. Listen to a podcast you like or good music on your commute. This isn’t too far of a stretch, is it?
  10. Treat yourself once in awhile. Yup. Go out and buy that cup of coffee or donut or muffin if your heart is telling you to.

The fact is, we all have to rush. Whether it’s getting to work or taking care of the kids or pets early in the morning. The trick is finding your happy place despite morning chaos. You don’t have to do all ten of these to have an enjoyable morning. Maybe just pick one or two that will leave you more peaceful than frazzled.

Alright, I'm definitely doing some of their suggestions! My mornings are always rushed and I'm stressed out before I even get to work. I really like ideas #1, 6 and especially 10. Definitely going to try these!


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