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10 Ways to Make Your Apartment Homey for Fall & Winter

Want to transition your apartment from summer to fall and winter? Here are some ideas that will immediately make your apartment feel more homey…

Top Notch Cookware Essentials for The Home Chef
Photo by Le Creuset via Unsplash.

New Cookware for Fall Meals – Up your cooking game with cookware that you’ll get the most use out of for fall and winter. That may mean splurging on beautiful pots for soups and stews. Check out our recommendations in our post, Top Notch Cookware Essentials.

Photo by Nathan Fertig via Unsplash.

Seasonal Curtains – Curtains can bring a whole new level of decor to your apartment home. New drapes can help transition the seasonal change and make your apartment home super homey. Don’t know where to start? Check out Curtain Options for Your Apartment.

Photo by Guillaume Lorain via Unsplash.

Holiday Wreaths – Even though it’s October, let’s face it, we’re in the beginning of the holiday season. If you want to get into the spirit of the holidays, an easy way to do that in your home is with some pretty wreath ideas.

Photo by Federica Giusti via Unsplash.

Mood Lighting – Want to set the tone for fall? Mood lighting is key! Now that it’s getting dark earlier, having great lighting will help with the transition. Goodbye bright lights at night, hello Mood Lamps for Shorter Days.

Photo by Brianna Santellan via Unsplash

Cozy Blanket – What’s fall and winter without a comfy new blanket? This is a must have necessity for fall. See our recommendations for the Coziest Blankets for Fall.

Photo via Pottery Barn

Pet Beds – Your fur baby deserves some comfort too this fall and winter. Why not get them a new bed for the new chilly season that will keep them warm and happy? Check out some cute ideas in our article 8 Cozy Pet Beds for Winter.

Photo by Jennifer Pallian via Unsplash.

Fall Cocktails – It’s not just about home decor. A fall inspired cocktail can make this time of year feel homey and fun! Need ideas? Here’s 12 Fresh Fall Cocktails to Try This Season.

Fall Inspired Pillows – A super easy way to switch things up is to get some new pillows in a fall accent color like rust, gold, orange or muted natural tones.

Accent Wall – If you really want to switch things up for fall, an accent wall is the way to go. This bold move will add a beautiful dimension to your apartment. Learn more about our Accent Wall Program at Fairfield and How to Use An Accent Wall.

Photo by Ellieelien via Unsplash.

Fall Candles – Candles are a must for seasonal changes. Not only does a spicy warm fall scent totally change the vibe of your apartment, but they’re pretty accessories too.

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