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10 Fun Summer Activities To Do with Your Kids

June 22, 2016

If you’re a parent, summertime can get super stressful.  You’re probably thinking to yourself, “What am I supposed to do with my kids everyday for 3 months straight??”  If you’re stumped with how to keep your little kiddos entertained this summer, here’s a great start to your summer activities list:

  1. Make ice cream! You don’t need fancy cooking machinery to make your own ice cream; all you need is ice, salt, half and half, sugar, and two Ziploc baggies.
  2. Plant a garden. Whether straight into the ground or an arrangement of pots, it’s a simple and fun way to spend some time outdoors!
  3. Visit your local children’s museum for some never-ending fun and great learning experiences.
  4. A water balloon fight or a plain old water fight are great ways to cool off in the summer heat.
  5. A scavenger hunt can keep the kids busy for hours depending on how difficult and lengthy you make it. (And how much work you want to put in!)
  6. Make a sandbox out of a big plastic storage bin and some sand; super easy!
  7. DIY splash pad allows you to let your kids play in the water and stay [decently] clean. Skip bath time? Yes, please!
  8. Make a bird feeder and watch the little birds go nuts over them!
  9. Berry picking is always so fun and your kids (and you!) get a healthy, yummy treat out of it.
  10. Skip the traditional theater and go to a drive-in movie theater.
  11. Check out Groupon for some cheap and local deals on activities near you.

Hopefully that list got your juices flowing and will help you think of a ton more awesome ideas!

10 fun summer activities to do with your kids

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