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Department Directory

Property Management Team

Kim Bender, CPM®
Sr. Vice President/Head of Property Management
kbender@ffres.com 858.457.2123
Terry Phillips
Sr. VP, Strategic Operations
tphillips@ffres.com 214.574.1500
Bill Laws, Vice President
DE, IN, MD, MI, NJ, OH and N. VA
blaws@ffres.com 216.797.8755
Liz Culibrk, CPM®, Vice President
AZ, GA, NC, S. VA and WA
lculibrk@ffres.com 858.812.6792
Paulette Green, Vice President
California Region
pgreen@ffres.com 858.457.5789 ext. 5563
Benjamin Bennett, Vice President
CT, FL, MA, NH, and RI
bbennett@ffres.com 214.574.1688
Cathy Stiles, Vice President
CO, NV and TX
cstiles@ffres.com 214.574.1697

Asset Management

Brent Ball
Senior Vice President of Asset Management - Development
bball@ffres.com 214.574.1570
Tony Duplisse
Senior Vice President of Asset Management - Redevelopment West
tduplisse@ffres.com 858.824.6415
Christopher Ruffolo
Senior Vice President of Asset Management - Redevelopment East
cruffolo@ffres.com 704.626.3906

Development management team

Tommy Brunson, Sr. Vice President
Eastern Region
tbrunson@ffres.com 404.442.3900
Brendan Hayes, Sr. Vice President
Northern California & San Diego, CA
bhayes@ffres.com 858.626.8362
Larry Scott, Sr. Vice President
Southern California
lscott@ffres.com 858.824.6487
Zach Johnston, Vice President
Central/Southwest & Student Housing
zjohnston@ffres.com 214.574.1505
Kevin Maley, Vice President
Northeast Region
kmaley@ffres.com 781.881.2301
Jason Martin, Vice President
Pacific Northwest & Colorado Regions
jason_martin@ffres.com 858.626.8368

Acquisitions team

Richard Boynton
Senior Vice President of Acquisitions
rboynton@ffres.com 858.824.6424
Bill Revers
Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regions
brevers@ffres.com 703.414.8400
Matt Clark
Western Region
mclark@ffres.com 858.824.6410
Tom McDaniel
Texas and Mountain State Regions
tmcdaniel@ffres.com 858.457.2123
Paul Kudirka
Tax-Credit Acquisitions
pkudirka@ffres.com 858.824.6406
Joseph Purcella
Seattle, Bay Area, Sacramento, and San Diego Regions
contactus@ffres.com 858.457.2123
John Hinkle
Southeast and Carolinas Regions
jhinkle@ffres.com 703.414.8400

Dispositions Team

Gino Barra
Director of Dispositions
gbarra@ffres.com 858.457.2123
Juliana Bernd
Dispositions Transaction Manager
jbernd@ffres.com 858.457.2123

Affordable Housing team

Paul Kudirka
Vice President
pkudirka@ffres.com 858.457.2123
David Leitner
Acquisitions/Development Asset Manager
dleitner@ffres.com 858.457.2123

Our Locations

Corporate Office

San Diego
5510 Morehouse Drive, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92121
Map & Directions 858.457.2123

Regional Offices

200 Galleria Parkway, Suite 1560
Atlanta, GA 30339
Map & Directions 404.442.3900
One Edgewater Drive, Suite 107
Norwood, MA 02062
Map & Directions 781.881.2300
1 AEC Parkway
Richmond Heights, Ohio 44143
Map & Directions 216.261.5000
7301 North State Highway 161
Irving, TX 75039
Map & Directions 214.574.1500
301 S. McDowell Street
Charlotte, NC 28204
Map & Directions
1110 North Glebe Road
Arlington, VA 22201
Map & Directions 703.414.8400