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Getting Organized: Finding a Home for Your Stuff

By Lea Schneider Winter can sometimes feel like the season of “too much stuff.” Maybe it’s because we’re spending more time inside and are making more messes. Maybe it’s because we just finished the holiday season of giving—and getting. Or, maybe it’s just the fact that there’s something about a new year that calls for […]

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What to Look For in Your First Apartment

By Sam Radbil You’re about to sign your very first lease — congratulations! Before you finalize the deal, there are a few things you should know about renting, from the price, to the walk-through, to the property manager. Try these tips to make sure your first apartment is a success. 1.  Check the Price While you’re […]

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Easy Soup Recipes for Crisp Nights

Coming home from a long and tiring day of work?  Sometimes, the last thing you want to do is prepare a meal – easy and quick recipes are just what you’re looking for!  With the cold weather upon us, not much sounds better than a steaming bowl of delicious soup while binge watching your favorite […]

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Make the Holidays Special with these 9 Healthy Holiday Cookies

Indulging in mounds of cookies is half the fun of the holidays!  Fun to make and so tasty, the only downside is what they are capable of doing to your waistline if you eat too many, which I’m not afraid to admit happens far too often!  Good news: there is actually such a thing as […]

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The Best Apps for Easy Holiday Shopping from Home

The time has come for holiday shopping.  If you’re anything like us, you dread going to the mall, being surrounded by hoards of people, and attempting to pick out items for your friends and family.  Well, there’s actually no need for that type of stress anymore!  Reach into your pocket, pull out your smartphone, and […]

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The 14 Best Holiday Drinks for Every Palate

‘Tis the season for holiday drinks and happy bellies.  Even though the cold weather can be unbearable at times, we love the holiday season!  Festive decor, yummy food, snow-covered trees, cozy fireplaces, and, of course, delicious drinks are just a handful of the things we love.  The holidays are also a time for gathering with […]

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How to have the ultimate cozy Sunday

With the cold weather upon us, ultimate coziness is near the top of our priorities list – there is no better day to be lazy and cozy than a snowy, windy Sunday!  We don’t know how else anyone would want to spend their lazy Sunday other than cuddling up in 3 blankets, 5 pillows, and […]

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