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First Apartment Kitchen Essentials

The stresses of moving into your first apartment seem to never end – and I think most would agree that the kitchen probably causes the most stress of all!  It’s tough to forecast what items you’re going to need.  For your convenience, we’ve complied the essential prepping, cooking, and cleaning supplies that are most commonly […]

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Your Guide to Getting the Ultimate Cozy Bedroom

With fall comes chilly weather, which is the best time to find a cozy place to curl up.  We love nothing more than snuggling up in 3 blankets, surrounded by tons of pillows, and maybe cuddling with a dog or two while having a Netflix binge!  If only every single day could be like that […]

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Features and Amenities Apartment Hunters Really Want

We love infographics, especially when they make figuring out the top features and amenities an apartment hunter wants easy to do.  At Fairfield, we take into consideration all of the features that you find most desirable and we do our best to incorporate them into our current and future properties.  A home is much more […]

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Your Complete Fall Tailgate Menu

It’s finally football season again!  You know what that means… tailgating!  Nothing beats a gorgeous fall day tailgating with your friends and family and watching your favorite college or NFL team pull a win.  Tailgating is half the fun of going to a football game which is why we’re here to help you have the […]

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Best Hacks for Your Apartment Kitchen

Spend a lot of time in your kitchen?  So do we!  Whether you live alone or with others, the kitchen is usually a room with a lot of items and a lot of bustle.  Combine that with the sometimes confined space of apartment living, it’s essential that your kitchen be organized.  The good news is […]

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Dollar Store Decor Hacks and Steals

When it comes to staying on a budget, we love anything that has to do with a trip to the dollar store or thrift store!  The things you come across can be so useful!  If you’re able to think outside the box a little then the possibilities can be endless.  For example, using a Popsicle […]

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6 Cider and Doughnut Pairings for your Taste of Fall Party

I honestly can’t think of anything better to do on a chilly fall day than to be snuggled in a fluffy blanket, munching on a doughnut… or maybe 5… while sipping on a nice warm cider with my closest friends!  We’ve handpicked some of the greatest and yummiest doughnut and cider recipes that pair well together. […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Glamping

If you’re one of those people that loves nature but isn’t too fond of pitching a tent and cooking over a campfire, I totally understand!  That’s what glamping is here for!  You get to experience the ruggedness and beauty of nature without having to rough it in a tent and cook canned baked beans over […]

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